Conrad & Hi'ilei

Wedding Description: 

Simple and elegant. A small family sized boutique wedding at Kokokahi on Kaneohe Bay. Conrad and Hi'ilei shared the moment in front of a few special guest but captured it all on video to share with future generations to come. The groom dressed casual with a simple white collared shirt and kicks while the bride wore a fitted lace dress. The reception was a timed perfect to the sunset on Kaneohe Bay as the sun painted the sky amber and magenta. Finishing off the night on the 4th of July was a spectacular fireworks display easily viewed lighting up the sky in Kailua.


  Conrad & Hi'ilei | Wedding Day Highlights
 Conrad & Hi'ilei | Preparation Highlights
 Conrad & Hi'ilei | Ceremony Highlights
 Conrad & Hi'ilei | Photo Session Highlights
 Conrad & Hi'ilei | Reception Highlights