Chris & Noe

Wedding Description: 

Almost a disaster for Chris & Noe when they had originally retained eMotion Media Hawaii to film their wedding on June 14, 2015 at the Ihilani Resort over a year in advance. Unknown to them, the property was sold to the Four Seasons and all booked events were refunded. With no wedding venue and 6 months out, this couple scrambled to find another property with the same open date. Noe's older brother, came to the rescue to lock down his work location, the beautiful Halekulani, the most acclaimed 5-star hotel in Waikiki. The entire event took place on site from wedding day preparations to the ceremony and reception.


 Chris & Noe | Photo Session Highlights
 Chris & Noe | Wedding Day Highlights
 Chris & Noe | Preparation Highlights
 Chris & Noe | Ceremony Highlights
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 Chris & Noe | Reception Highlights