Hawaii Best Wedding Videos | Wedding Film Editing Oahu, Honolulu

Whether you prefer your video to have a classic, story-telling approach, similar to television programs such as A&E's "Biography" or a fast-paced, highly stylized "MTV" look, eMotion Media Hawaii will match your taste and style. Below are the most common styles of video most videographers use in the modern market.

  • Video Journalistic style
    • Typically described as a documentary of the event. Segments are edited as they occur to preserve continuity. This style of editing will produce a polished documentation of the day as it unfolds. Also can be referred to as Documentary Style. eMotion Media Hawaii uses this style particulary for your wedding ceremony and reception if you choose to have full coverage.
  • Cinematic
    • This approach is commonly defined as making a movie or film of your wedding. It is captured and edited for the dramatic effect and mood. It is usually presented with a particular style and "wow" effect that may not be present in a "mere documentary" of the event.
  • Storytelling
    • eMotion Media Hawaii favors this style for your Love Story. The video relies on sound bites recorded pre, during or in post, usually from the bride and groom. These sound bites are then added to the audio track for dramatic effect and to push the story of the day forward.
  • Short Form Wedding
    • This is a perfect exmaple for a Wedding Day Highlights video. We'll edit the video to fit within a time frame that is no less than 15 minutes.

From very simple to very complex, your videography options today are exciting, elegant and unlimited! You are not limited to using just one of these styles; different amounts of styles can be found in every video we produce and each can be completely tailored to suit your individual needs and requests by eMotion Media Hawaii.