Frequently Asked Questions - Technical

Simply put, the more cameras, the better the coverage. It's benefits both of us, the wedding couple and eMotion Media Hawaii. How? Your wedding happens in real-time. It does not stop for no one. There is no second 1st dance, another retake of you walking down the aisle, or another opportunity to cut the cake because we missed the shot. That being said, the more cameras we have, the less likely the chance we'll miss the shot because a guest decided to step in front one of our cameras. On top of that, it gives us an overall better coverage of your wedding day ensuring we have all angles covered.

We have it all! Everything from Broadcast EFG Cameras, DSLR's, all the way to micro GoPro Cameras in our array of production equipment. As a subdivision of a larger broadcast television production company, our corporate clients demand the best and highest caliber of work to market and brand their image. That being said, we take no less quality in providing the same for all our wedding couples from our cinematography skills all the way to our network quality motion graphics post production.

For the most pristine sound, all the audio we capture is strictly wireless and hidden. During the ceremony, a wireless mic is placed on the officiant and groom only. We never place a wireless mic on the bride, as it might affect the wedding dress. At the reception, we always tie in a wireless mic to the sound system, DJ, house audio board. This ensures the cleanest audio without any room noise. For ambient sound, each of our cameras has an on board shotgun mic.

Yes we do. We have a 4000 lumen projector and 8 foot screen we'd be more than happy to bring at no extra charge. If your reception is held in a banquet or ballroom, we'd prefer to use their integrated projector and screen if it's included with your rental fee.

Don't get us wrong -- it's always fun to look at baby pictures but photo slide shows get dull and boring. It's the perfect time to escape and leave the reception in the dark while nobody's looking. Save the childhood photo montage for another occasion. You'll lose your guests attention after 2 minutes, tops. Get straight to the action with a <a href="/content/love-story">Love Story</a>.

Absolutely! Give us the tracks and songs you want for your video and we'll do the rest.

Yes! We are able to stream your wedding live to the internet for all to see in real-time. Using our background in Broadcast Television, eMotion Media Hawaii has the technology and skill to broadcast your ceremony and reception to a content delivery network.
We can custom create a website for you to invite your guest via an email invitation to watch your wedding live from any computer or mobile device around the world.

No. LED Lighting Technology has made lighting smaller, cleaner, and does not give off heat. In most conditions, our cameras need no additional lights and we prefer not to disturb the ambient light surrounding us.  In very dark situations, such as a night time receptions with the lights very low, we do use a small LED light. It’s no more difficult to look at that a table lamp with a lampshade.

Of course! What are we going to do with it? Unless you're a celebrity, it has little or no worth to us. No offense. We will put it all on the hard drive with your edited sequences and DVD disc image for you to have at no extra charge.



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