Frequently Asked Questions - General

Our owner, Ikaika Kimura has been editing video since 1993 and doing wedding video slide shows since. As technology and creative styles advance and change, so did we staying current with the latest trends and looks.

This is a beauty pageant question. Of course, when put on the spot, I take a deep breath bat my lashes, smile and say… We take our craft in shooting very seriously. We take great lengths to remain as unobtrusive and candid as possible. We pride ourselves with excellent cinematography further enhanced by exceptional editing, and of course… world peace.

It’s simply a different approach. We offer a boutique video production as opposed to a wedding video ‘factory’ cookie cutters that performs hundreds of weddings per year. Our videos are handcrafted for each couple telling their own story, not formed by template. Therefore, it is important to value our work by taking into account the time, skills and effort that we put in to each of our projects.
Besides our work, our video equipment sets us apart. Our broadcast cameras cost over $20,000 each that we use on your wedding day. Each wireless mic retails for $1250 a piece and we bring eight of them. It's not uncommon for us to show up with over $80,000 in gear. The typical wedding videographers tool box is usually no were near what we bring to your wedding.
The last reason is our delivery method. We typically do not burn DVD's or Blu-ray discs for you. You can burn that on your own... as many copies as you want! There's no hidden charges or add-on service charges for additional copies of optical disc. We delivery your wedding on a Solid State (SSD) Hard drive. An SSD has no moving parts, so it is more likely to keep your video safe for decades and to put it bluntly, SSDs are frakking expensive in terms of dollar per GB to deliver your wedding video on.
Our clients’ satisfaction with the finished product has proven that our service is simply worth everything that they have invested in us.

Yes. We have General Liability Insurance coverage to protect you and your guest from any unfortunate accidents that might occur on your special day. We also have Errors and Omissions Insurance specifically for broadcast applications as well.

Nope. Dates are only saved after deposits are made.

None. We only schedule one wedding per day to give our clients our complete undivided attention.

As a matter of fact we do! That being said, I wish we could just absorb the cost of travel to your wedding but we can't. We know travel can get pricey, especially with all our gear but all we ask if you to cover our airfare and accommodations overnight. There is 3 in our crew. We'll cover the auto rental. Yes, we even fly the cheap early morning flights. We require this to be paid in the deposit to ensure our travel arrangements are secure for your special day.

Since we're extremely efficient, we can film your Love Story as late as one month out from your wedding date. This is typically a good time frame and we wouldn't suggest anything prior to one month. Things change, couple fitness goals are met before their big day, and the content is more fresh the closer we get to your wedding date. In rare cases, we have filmed the week of the wedding and still met your goal.

If for whatever reason you have to reschedule your wedding date, we will be more than happy to change the schedule in our books if the new date is available at no charge. If the date is booked by another client, we will issue a 50% refund of your deposit.
If for whatever reason you have to cancel before your wedding, we will issue a 50% refund of your deposit if the notice time greater than 90 days. If the given notice is between 31 and 89 days, we will issue a 25% refund of your deposit. Anything less than 30 days will receive no refund on your deposit.
If you cancel once work has started, there is no refund due to the labor aspects of your wedding video.

I can see how people think that videography and photography overlap. After all, many of these wedding videographers use the same DSLR cameras to capture the moment anyway so why not do it both? It’s a matter of expertise. Videographer is what I’m good at and I’ll stick to it.

Our attire is typically aloha or dress shirts, slacks, and dress shoes. We have no company uniform because we feel that even though we come from one company, we are all different individuals with different personalities.

No! We are here to work and capture your wedding day... But I wish to god you would. Also, hungry videographers don’t make good videographers. But honestly, we should be the last thing on your mind. We do not need a place setting amongst your guest, but a vendor table would be wonderful to have to join the photographer, wedding coordinator, emcee, and DJ for a quick bite. Don’t worry, I always carry soda crackers and vienna sausage in my pockets as a backup.

Although greatly appreciated, absolutely not! As professionals, we are not there to enjoy and partake of your wedding. We are there to provide you the highest quality service and produced video of your special day. However, if a staff dining table is provided for the wedding planner, photographer, emcee, dj, and others who will be of service for your wedding, we would be honored to join them! Again, this would be a privilege for us, not an obligation to you.

I’m really not the person to ask, but if you insist… You know he/she is the right one if you can freely fart a loud squishy one in front of him/her without getting embarrassed.



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